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Book Deals

DCC has several additional e-books available for free; including Be All You Can Be by John Maxwell, Man of God by Charles Stanley, The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard.

Vyrso has most of the above plus many others, including a new add to the list, A Dad’s Guide to Raising a Son of Character by Rick Johnson.

Inspire Resource Grouphas a three book package at 50% off. The three books include; Look…

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Thinking Critically, Books and more

On Critical Thinking

Miles Van Pelt at The Gospel Coalition has an interesting article on Jephthah’s Foolish Vow.

How critically do you analyze your involvement with entertainment and sports? This article may challenge your thinking related to sports.  (Free account required to download)

Check out Paul Tripp’s Wednesday’s Word on being Dehydrated.

As pornography has become mainstream and our…

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Free Books and a price drop from Logos

Get the latest free books from David C. Cook: The Legacy Builder by Rod Olson and When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography by Vicki Tiede. Both are available at Amazon and Vyrso/Logos; however, the Vyrso link is not up for Addicted to Pornography, but you can get it here. Vyrso also has many other free books here.

Monergism continues to post free e-books including Covenant Theologyby J. Ligon…

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Books, Blogs, Devo’s and More


David C. Cook has released two more free e-books and a new song from Paul Baloche. Books include The Promises of God by R. C. Sproul, The Meeting of the Waters by Fritz Kling, The new song, My Hope, is from Baloche’s new album, Before Amen.

Monergism has added some more free e-books to their list of over 150 free e-books. Formats include pdf, mobi, kindle.

Paul Tripp has a new 365 day…

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Persecution, Poverty, Parent-less, Purpose, Promotions and more

On World Compassion’s China Mission School and the persecuted Church.

To help feed hungry people for free click here (no joke) – you can also purchase items if you choose.

A resource on engaging our culture and expanding the Kingdom of God through Orphan Care. As my wife and I are currently taking classes to become licensed foster/adoption parents I found this encouraging.

To keep up on some of…

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The Art of Manliness

As an eclectic reader and knowledge monger I often read on a wide range of topics; from Wired Magazine, Inc., Fast Company to Christianity Today, Relevant, Christian History. Today’s blog is just part of my eclecticism.

Though the following articles from The Art of Manliness may not be Scripture based they generally fall in line with Biblical Principles and are worth a read. They are especially…

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At what age should you “retire”?

A more full treatment of the topic may come at a later time but as I was studying on Daniel 6 and contemplating the great things God was doing with a 90 year old man, I ran across the following from a sermon posted by John MacArthur on Robert G. Lee’s comments related to age and serving the Lord.

So, we see again Daniel. But this time, rather than looking at him as a young man, as we have been in…

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If it makes no difference, does it matter?

The following true story demonstrates the great truth found in Daniel 6 – as Daniel, now in his eighties or nineties, is faced with choosing to be faithful in praying publicly to his God, or give in to the laws of the land. Daniel has been in Babylon since he was taken by King Nebuchadnezzar as a teenager – and what change has he seen. Oh, there were occasional tributes to God from Nebuchadnezzar…

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Two Blogs and a Webcast

Don’t miss out on two freebies from David C. Cook; Charis by Preston Sprinkle and Be Patient (Job) by Warren Wiersbe.

And if you have the time to watch, register to watch the live webcast of the Exponential West Church Planters Conference for free.

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Success and the Christian

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t desire success (with the exception of possibly one person). Who doesn’t want to accomplish their goals, finish their tasks, have more of this or that, have more influence, etc.?

The problem is that success as it is generally thought of in modern culture finds little support in Scripture (or maybe no support!), and especially in the words of Jesus. And this…

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